We are pleased to offer our 20-years knowledge and experience in the sector of Children’s Playground Equipment, Outdoor Sports Equipment, Rubber Floor Covering, Urban Furniture Sector with the brand of “KMS PARK” to 34 countries across Turkey and abroad. By products that we manufacture in four different factories in Istanbul and Samsun, we synthesize the aesthetic and architectural point of view of our deeply rooted civilization to the present with industrial applications. We produce Children’s Playground Equipment in our 25.000 m² facility located in Samsun. In our 17.000 m² factory in Istanbul, we have production of Rubber Floor Covering, High Strength Binder, One and Two Component Adhesive used in Rubber Floor Covering and ITF (International Tennis Federation) Approved Acrylic and Polyurethane Sports Flooring and Construction Chemicals to many sectors. Moreover, in another 3.500 m² factory we produce Wooden Playground Equipment and Urban Furniture. The production process is conducted by our technical architects, engineers and professional equipped team with all required certifications. We are one of the leading companies in rubber production sector with the production capacity of 80.000 m² per month and 720.000 m² per year. The rubber material we produce is a product which is obtained from fully recycled materials, is sensitive to the environment and contributes to the country’s economy. We are serving 35% of the playgroup sector in Turkey. We perform promotion and sales of the products we produce for all municipalities, institutions and organizations, and the private sector with our equipped staff. Every year, we raise expectations to the maximum level with our new designs and models, and build the vision and mission of these by primarily keeping the child health and safety at the highest level and documenting them according to the quality management system. Our targets are to be among the top 20 companies in the world in our sector by selling the products we manufacture all over the world. We provide employment for a total of 235 people together with our stuff responsible for production, professional sales team and equipped assembly team. In the new period; We are in the desire to realize management of our 4 facilities from a single point by bringing together under the same roof with large production capacity and professional equipment and to provide a serious employment in this region. We believe that this idea will provide a serious benefit to our country’s economy, that it will be a solution to the problem of work and unemployment in the region and also that it will make our company a pioneer it’s Sector. OUR CAPACITY. We are one of the leading companies in rubber production sector with the production capacity of 80.000 m² per month and 720.000 m² per year.

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